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By Tanzania Information Services.
Tuesday,18 July,2017
Tanzania has recorded big achivements in addressing challenges identified in African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Report.
Addressing the media today on the lauching of APRM country report, The Executive Secretary of APRM Tanzania, Ms Rehema Twalib, said the Report which is expected to be lauched tomorrow, shows Tanzania has recorded good achievemets in many areas under review though still face many challenges.
Ms Rehema  who was accompanied by Head of Missions in the APRM Continental Secretariet and the Coordinator for the Tanzanian APRM process  Dr. Rachel Mukamunana, told members  of the press that Tanzania prepared its Base Report under APRM and submitted it to the heads of state and Government of participating counturies in 2013 and was also tabled before the Pan African Parliament in 2016.
In both occassions, Ms Rehema said members lauded Tanzania for its efforts to maintain peace and  tranquility, human rights, economic development, use of national language (Kiswahili), a union that has lasted for more than 50 years and measeures taken to address challenges in provision of social services.
The Executive Secretary told the press that participating countries in APRM, which is a voluntary process, are assessed in four thematic areas namely democracy and political governance, economic governance and management, corporate governance and socio-economic governance.
Tanzania, she said, has recorded big achievements since joing the project and, through Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks of Ministries, Departments and agencies, has continued to address the governance challenges that were identified since 2014.  
She said APRM is a continuous process whereby people will be always informed of the developments and added that the review involves various stakaheolders including  public.
Ms Rehema Twalib said that APRM, which is a part of African self-monitoring mechanism, its the ultimate objective is to assist Africans countries, including Tanzania to strengthen governance in order to achieve sustainable development.
She emphasesed that the launching of the report was very important not only because it is part of the impelementation of the agreed principles but also signifies the continued “governmnet engagement and commitment towards addressig challenges identified in the APRM Report”.
Meanwhile, head of Missions in the APRM continental secretariat and coordinator of APRM process in Tanzania, Dr. Racheal Mukamunana said the launching of the report asserts the commitment of the current leadership under President John Pombe Magufuli to the implementation of APRM program.

She said the current leadership is steadfastly carrying on the work initiated by the previous government and that shows the continuing in the commitment of Tanzanian leadership to good governance in general and APRM program in particular.

“Though the Report was composed in 2012 but the current President is well committed in implementing it and that is what he has been doing since he took over from the previous leadership” Dr. Mukamunana noted.

She added that APRM “is an innovative instrument to assess ourselves (African countries). We have both challenges and best practices and through this program we learn from each other” She said.

For example, Dr. Mukamunana said countries can learn from Tanzania’s experience in maintaining peace and tranquility and can as well learn from Rwanda in upholding gender equality.

She told members of the press that the twenty participating countries are supposed to produce reports after every four or five years which document their performance and also identify new challenges which are supposed to be addressed by respective governments.

Responding to question from members of the press, the Dr. Mukamunana mentioned corruption in offices, land issues, gender equality including women empowerment and of late youth issues are among common challenges facing most countries in the continent.
The launching of the APRM country Report which is expected to be officially launched tomorrow by the Vice President Madame Samia Suluhu Hassan at Mwalimu Nyerere Convention centre will be attended by various stakeholders.

Among them are National leaders of the United Republic of Tanzania, National leaders from the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, Ministers from both sides of the Union, Permanent Secretaries  (URT), Principal Secretaries, Parliamentarians, Members of House of Representative, Judges, CSOs, Media, Political Parties, Private Sector, Cooperatives, the Youth, Women, Faith based Organizations, Farmers, Academia, The Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance, Electoral Commissions, and Development Partners


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